Venice 2018 | 10 things (+2) to see in Venice in 2018

Venice 2018: 12 months, 12 ideas to discover Venice in a different way. A travel column by Messner, written by who experiences the city every day. A “work-in-progress” travel guide to fall in love with it every single month of the year.


What do the employees of a four-star hotel do when they leave the job at night and walk around the most beautiful city in the world? They fall in love again and again, every moment, with Venice. Venice 2018 presents hundreds of attractions and points of interest; hundreds of reasons to discover it in all its magic. Don’t trust people that say you can tour the whole city in only three days. Don’t dwell only on Saint Mark, Rialto area and Doges Palace. Every Sestiere, every Campo or Campiello, contains in itself precious and incomparable historical-artistic treasures. Three days are not enough (and even a week) and Venetians know it as a fact: to discover Venice you have to live it every day or, at least, one day a month for twelve months.




Venezia 2018 by Messner: 10 things (+2) to see in Venice from January to December


“Venezia 2018 by Messner” is a travel guide to introduce you, month after month, this wonderful city. If you want to discover an already “unveiled” point of interest, click its name on the list below. If you look forward to visit not yet published points, please contact our Art Advisor who will provide you useful suggestions.

Messner Venezia Hotels & Restaurant wishes you a pleasant stay.



1. Squero di San Trovaso – January

2. Palazzetto Bru  Zane – February

3. Ca’  Rezzonico – March

4. Ghetto ebraico – April

5. Scala  Contarini del Bovolo – May

6. Teatro la Fenice – June

7. Scuola Dalmata dei SS. Giorgio e Tifone, San Giorgio degli Schiavoni – July

8. Arsenale di Venezia – August

9. Fondazione Giorgio Cini – September

10. Le stanze del Vetro – October

11. Tre Oci – November

12. Cimitero di San MicheleDecember