The History

XVIII and XIX Century – A Historical building in the heart of culture

Built in the XVIII Century and characterized by a gothic style, Messner Palace formerly was lived by great names of the Venetian nobility. Its neighborhood has been the cradle of the main Museums and Artistic foundations of Venice.

1940 – The enthusiasm of a “first time Hotelier”

The conversion from private property to hotel has been made in the early 40s, thanks to the owner Maria Messner. This Noblewoman decided to open the doors of her house to intellectuals, students and professors.

1950 – The first Messner House

Just after the opening of Casa Messner, Italy and therefore Venice, saw the first wave of International tourism keep growing up. This fact together with her raising passion for the Hospitality business, inducted Maria Messner to invest all her energies and funds in her project. Casa Messner was so ready for the new Tourism Market.

1960 – The first Hotel Messner

During the economic Boom in Italy and Europe, the former Casa Messner become a proper Hotel, updating all the rooms and services and preparing for the forthcoming International visitors.

1970 – Aquila D’Oro Prize

Further refurbishments, renovations and attention to details permitted Maria Messner to earn the National Prize Aquila D’Oro in 1978.

1990 – The private pier

Messner Palace became an easier place to reach thanks to construction of a private pier in front of the entrance of the hotel. Now Gondolas and watertaxis are very often passing by.

Anni 2000 – Elegance and new comforts

Rooms are furnished with brand new comforts: high speed wifi, flat screen TV and multilingual movies.

2015 – Messner Palace 4****S, Hotel Messner 3***S and Ca’ Messner 5ᶫᶫᶫᶫᶫ

Messner Palace awarded 4 stars superior and the new managers decided to wide their offer by transforming into hotels two adjacent historical buildings. And so the Messner Palace 4****S, the Hotel Messner 3***S and the Ca’ Messner 5ᶫᶫᶫᶫᶫ were born.